Longsleeve Women LENZ 5.0 Merino

  • Longsleeve Women LENZ 5.0 Merino
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Merino wool excellent heating properties, breathable, highly elastic, light, fast-drying – and is anti-bacterial, which has a positive effect on the odour.

Although the fine merino wool is a lot less irritating then rough wool, it is still a natural product which can scratch and chafe.

It is for this reason that Lenz products with merino SOFTTEC contain a special inside layer made from high-tech yarns – for 100% non-scratch comfort and high durability.

Our first layer 5.0 merino has been tested under toughest conditions.

    S.E.P. Supports
    supports the natural position of the body
    1st layer of modern sportswear
    merino wool
    polypropylene for optimal moisture transfer
    quick re-drying time


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