Ski boots NORDICA SPORTMACHINE 80 blk/red

  • Ski boots NORDICA SPORTMACHINE 80 blk/red
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Whenever the snow starts falling, let Nordica's Sportmachine 80 Boots lead the way. With an Adjustable Cuff Profile, easy in and out, and a responsive feel, these ski boots keep your mind on the mountain so you can make the most of those snowy days.


• Shell: PP

• Cuff: PP

• Power Strap: 35 MM

• Cuff Profile: Adult

• Cuff Buckles: 2 Micro Alu

• Iso Standard: 5355

• Canting: Dual

• Forward Lean: 11°

• Ramp Angle: 4.5°

• The Tri-Force Frame design is a remarkable concept, using an anatomical shell design that channels energy through the body of the boot to the edges of your skis. It allows nimble and precise movements while critically maintaining the highest level of comfort

• Tri Force Shell Construction Benefits: Increases comfort without sacrificing power, Light weight, Easy on and off

• Infrared Technology Benefits: Precise Custom Fit, Relieves pressure from sensitive areas & bunions

• Weather Shield is a waterproof textile that prevents water and snow from entering the boot

• Last: 102MM

• Flex: 80

• Liner: Comfort Fit


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