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Snowboard HEAD ROCKA 4D:

Head of Rock 4D

The Head Rocka 4D snowboard is an ideal product for beginner riders who are looking for the first snowboard in a budget variant (it is a great alternative to renting equipment).

This model is assumed to be a board much more durable than nominal collection products due to the rental purpose. For this reason, you get a model that is much more resistant to all blows and abrasions that are calculated in the first days on the slope.


Riding Style

It is a symmetrical snowboard based on the Rock profile, i.e. there is a rocker under the bindings and a short, flat section between the bindings, which will forgive your mistakes on the slope and will be great for riding just after fresh snowfall. This profile will give you stability and predictability in guiding the board, guaranteeing only good days on the slope.


People who start their adventure with snowboarding usually do not have a point of reference. They want relatively cheap equipment that will allow them to take their first steps on the slope. Head Rocka 4D is such a safe choice, being a fully symmetrical model, it forgives the first mistakes on the slope and does not create obstacles during learning.

It is the perfect choice for people who intend to undergo snowboard training and actually need very versatile equipment. Thanks to the matte laminate and bumpers placed on the nse and thall of the board, this model will remain in a visual condition for a long time and the mentioned plastic bumpers will prevent damage and delamination of the board in these strategic places


Head Rock 4D board flex

The Head Rocka 4D snowboard has a very liberal flex, being an ideal product for beginners and intermediate people looking for a product for all snow conditions. The manufacturer declares the model stiffness as 4


Construction of the Head Rock 4D model

The structure of the Head Rocka 4D snowboard is based on its entire length on a Poplar Core made of selected poplar wood, which provides easy and intuitive handling. This model was built in the cap technology, such a solution is based on a layer of glass fiber and laminate that overlap the core on the sides. The advantage of the cap board is the relatively low production cost, which translates into the final price of the product, better vibration damping and low weight of the board.

Another advantage of the Flock Rock 4D model is a matte laminate that will hide any scratches and scratches that occur over the next seasons of use.


This model also received a strong, reliable and easy-to-maintain pressed base with very good grease absorption properties.


The length of the Head Rocka 4D snowboard

Remember! The choice of the length of a snowboard is a very individual matter. From our experience, we suggest choosing a model that is 20-25cm shorter than your height - it applies to all mountain, freestyle, park and jibb snowboards. The weight of the rider is also an important issue when choosing the length of the snowboard. Along with the goods, most manufacturers also provide a table that takes into account the purpose of the board as well as the weight and height dedicated to the specific length of the snowboard.


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