Sunglasses ALPINA SENAX white matt-blue CMB

  • Sunglasses ALPINA SENAX white matt-blue CMB
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• Ceramic
- 100% UV A, B and C protection up to 400 nm
- Anti-scratch cover
- Impact resistant frame and on the inside of the lens
- Absorption of infrared rays
- Mirror lens cover
• Protection level: S3
• OPTIMIZED AIRFLOW - A system for optimizing the airflow. The curved shape of these glasses closely fits the shape of the face. They protect the eyes from the airflow and from the cold, which improves visibility. Discrete ventilation prevents the lens from blurring.
• 2 COMPONENT DESIGN - 2-component design technology: The combination of a sturdy frame and soft lining in the forehead and nose area provides comfort and convenience when wearing these glasses.
• FLEXIBLE FRAME - Flexible frame for more strength. For this reason, frames are mainly used for children's glasses.

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