Kids Ski Goggles Flash red MASTERS

  • Kids Ski Goggles Flash red MASTERS
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The  Skiing mask manufactured by humanzone s.r.l. conforms to the safety regulations and standards established by the ees directive No 89/686.

Total UV Protection

Designed to reduce sun glare on even the brightest days and for use in normal conditions. The skiing mask in not suitable for road use or when driving.

Technical specification conforms to en EN 174/2001 standard

Classification…….Skiing mask

Filter classification….S1

UV absorption…..100%

Optic category……..1

PPD not suitable for wearing on the roads or when driving.

Warnings: The skiing mask is not designed to permit directly looking at the sun and exposure to artificially produced UV rays. This is not an industrial type  safety mask and has been designed exclusively for skiing and snowboarding.The Humanzone ski mask protects the wearer from the weather- wind,snow and glare. It  has not been designed for protection from impact with static, hard, solid items.

Made  by Humanzone S.p.A Masters


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