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The Therm-ic Dryer is the perfect solution by cold and wet weather if you want to keep your feet dry. This shoe dryer allows it to dry your damp ski boots or sporting boots in a few hours !

Don’t you want to wait too long before using again your damp shoes and gloves after a ride outside or a ski day by cold and wet weather, don’t you ?  The Therm-ic Dryer is the perfect solution for you ! 

This light and very practical shoe dryer is designed for quick drying of all types of shoes, boots, ski boots and après-ski boots. You can take it easily along, range or manipulate it thanks to its two foldable and adjustable arms.


Dries damp shoes or gloves in a few hours

Easy to use

Compact and silent

Fits all boot types and sizes

Adjustable tube length (between 5.3 and 8.5 inches)

Works with power plug

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