Goggles UVEX COMPACT V black/mat

  • Goggles UVEX COMPACT V black/mat
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Goggles UVEX COMPACT V black/mat:

The off-frame design of uvex compact VLM combined with the Litemirror lens provides an extremely wide field of viewperfectly. It protects against bright sunlight and reduces distracting glare on the slopes. The skier’s field of view is never restricted. The injection moulded, decentred lens, vision is free from distortions.

In powder it scores points with its frameless construction. Even the heavier spray will glide easily off the goggle without sticking to the frame or affecting your sight. The mirrored lenses of these retro ski goggles not only look cool, but also offer complete protection from infra-red rays. For extra safety, uvex supravision® anti-fog coating ensures a clear view, even in poor weather.


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