Goggles UVEX DOWNHILL 2000 CV white mat

  • Goggles UVEX DOWNHILL 2000 CV white mat
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Goggles UVEX DOWNHILL 2000 CV white mat: 

 Since 1971, the uvex downhill 2000 series has been protecting generations of skiers from snow, wind and sun while celebrating numerous World Cup successes. An upgrade to the classic now comes in the form of the uvex downhill 2000hp with its high-performance single lens. The innovative uvex colorvision color and contrast filter shortens the reaction times of skiers by improving their perception of the slope to enable maximum performance. In addition, uvex has increased the field of view of the popular ski goggles by 15%, further improving the skiing experience. As an added benefit, the demisting performance of the uvex supravision® anti-fog coating has been increased from 60 to 300 seconds, a 400% increase over the standard. The result: clear vision that defies bad weather and increases the safety of the wearer.

The lenses of this item are classified as category S2.

What are the lens categories and what are they indicated for?

S0: Transparent lens suitable for indoors and at night. Light transmission 80%-100%.

S1: Low light, slightly tinted lens suitable for bad weather and fog. Light transmission 43%-80%.

S2: Medium brightness tinted lens, suitable for partly sunny or cloudy weather. Light transmission 18%-43%.

S3: Dark lens for high brightness, suitable for very sunny days. Light transmission 8%-18%.

S4: Very dark lens for extreme exposure, suitable for use on glaciers. Light transmission 3%-8%.


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