LEKI Ski poles WC GS TBS 3D neon/red/blk/wht/yell

  •  LEKI Ski poles  WC GS TBS 3D neon/red/blk/wht/yell
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 LEKI Ski poles  WC GS TBS 3D neon/red/black/white/yellow:

The new 3D trigger system!

Just click at the touch of a button

Largest release angle thanks to intelligent trigger 3D system

Supports natural movement

The spring regulates the three-dimensional release force

Worldcup TBS GS 3D is especially characterized by its high quality components.

When making these poles, special care is taken to give the necessary rigidity for fast descents. Not only the innovative grip and the corresponding strap on the Trigger S frame make Stock so special, but also its attractive racing design.

The name LEKI means very high quality standard, innovative technology and development. For all sports that need our products, quality, functionality and safety are our top priorities.

Length recommendation: The optimal size is calculated from the body size x 0.7, then rounded up or down, respectively.

eg: 177 cm height x 0.7 = 123.9 = pole length 125 cm


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