• Protection  VOLKL BODY VEST MAP 2.0 women/black
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Protection  VOLKL BODY VEST MAP 2.0 women/black:

Maximum protection and comfort.

With the BODY VEST MAP 2.0 Marker´s experts underline their focus on the anatomical, biomechanical and protection design and functionality. The vests also feature a sleek new design with color accents on the seams and a new asymmetrical zipper. Key feature is the Marker MAP PROTECTION technology, which has been completely redesigned by integrating the MAP 2.0 material. It is a unique, even thinner and far more flexible material offering highest level of comfort, body movement and protection. The new air vent design allows greater air circulation for improved climate conrol. In addition to the large back protector there are MAP pads on the front and sides of the rib cage offer extra protection. Thanks to the MAP technology, all protectors achieve Level 2 protection classification despite the thinness of the materials.

Procut classification

For whom:Ladies

Type of protector;Back protector

Type of backprotector:In vest

System used:Soft


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