Ski Head Supershape i Rally

  • Ski Head Supershape i Rally
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Ski Head Supershape i Rally

WC Sandwich Cap Construction - Top of the line skis have been built this way for a long time. Wood, and metal give the Head Supershape Rally Ski integrity that you can rely on. In the interest of high speed performance, there are no substitutes for these core materials.


Full Wood Core with TI - A full sheet of titanal improves performance on ice by preventing the ski from succumbing to the multiplied force of gravity experienced at the apex of a turn. 


Speed Rocker - 10% Tip Rocker makes the Supershape Rally Skis easier to roll over, without compromising the effective edge length. Rocker is commonly misinterpereted as purely a powder ski technology. Rocker has effectively made skiing easier on any terrain. If carving is your bag, these are your sticks.

Additional Awesomeness

Kers - When this high IQ ski detects chatter, a series of sensors tell the KERS chip to release stored electric energy to the tail of the ski, improving stability and edge hold in an instant. 

Race Structured Base - This is a super slick, high density plastic which holds wax and minimizes poling, while protecting the wood core of the ski from exposure to moisture.


Tyrolia PRX 12 S - This is a Tyrolia system binding that has a DIN range of 4 - 12. This binding does not come mounted and we recommend that you bring the skis to a certified ski binding technician. If you have any questions on bindings, please contact an expert at

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