Ski boots NORDICA Cruise 75 W

  • Ski boots NORDICA Cruise 75 W
  • Ski boots NORDICA Cruise 75 W
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Ski boots Cruise 75

Comfort, confidence, and performance—the Cruise 75 provides everything you need to unleash your potential. With an emphasis on progression, its wider fit and softer shell. Thanks to its dual soft flap instep, the boot’s throat opens exceptionally wide, making the Cruise 75 incredibly easy to put on and take off. To help create a neutral stance that improves balance and minimizes fatigue, the boot’s cuff can be fine-tuned to better cradle the contours of your calf. And to further enhance comfort and performance, the boot’s liner and shell can readily be customized. 

Shell: Bimat PP, Easy-Entry Soft Flap

Cuff: PP(Adult)

Footprint: COMFORT FIT


Buckles: 4 MICRO ALU

Spoiler: ACP


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