Goggles ALPINA PHEOS S ММ red-green

  • Goggles ALPINA PHEOS S ММ red-green
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• Multimirror
- 100% UV A, B and C protection up to 400 nm
- Anti-blur Thermoblock system.
- Anti-fog cover Fogstop.
- Mirror cover
- Protection from infrared rays.
- Protection level: S2
• Airframe venting - The use of a special cover that optimizes the exchange of air inside the glasses. This air circulation evaporates moisture, preventing the lens from blurring.
• Hinge Band - The ski mask is attached to hooks on the outside of the frame. This provides comfort, especially when wearing the mask with a ski helmet.
• 180+ View - On some models, the mask frame combined with panoramic plaques is designed for over 180-degree panoramic views that exceed the CE standard.
This wider viewing angle eases earlier recognition
• SKID GRIP - The rubberized mask strap prevents slipping when you wear a helmet.
• Comfort Frame - Small zigzag plastic elements in the forehead and cheeks that contribute to the adaptation of the mask to the contours of the face without feeling of pressure.


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