• Snowboard boots HEAD 600 4D BOA
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Snowboard boots HEAD 600 4D BOA

  1. BOA® COILERThe BOA Coiler™ increases the speed of entry and quickly takes up lace slack with a spring-loaded lace that coils automatically, providing a precise fit that lasts.

  2. Explorer Outsole
    Explorer Outsole

    EXPLORER OUTSOLEA durable rubber outsole offering a good grip. The color coding and size mark on the bottom will make it easy picking the correct size from the drying rack.

  3. Full Toe and Heel Protection
    Full Toe and Heel Protection

    FULL TOE AND HEEL PROTECTIONThe vulcanized rubber toecap prevents from any possible wear while the nylon injected heel cup locks locks into a binding’s highback for an extra power transmission that also well protects the boots from heavy wear that is common in rental operation.

  4. Fully covered Lace Protection
    Fully covered Lace Protection

    FULLY COVERED LACE PROTECTIONReplaceable rubber guards are covering the entire lower tongue section to avoid the boot getting damaged from resting the board on the boot on chairlift rides.

  5. 4D Compatible
    4D Compatible


  6. S.Café® Lining Mesh
    S.Café® Lining Mesh

    S.CAFÉ® LINING MESHS.Café® fabrics feature extraordinary odor control and fast drying properties. This is achieved by incorporating real coffee grounds into fabric, by using the sustainable S.Café® technology. S.Café® fabrics absorb and transport moisture from the body to the outside – resulting in a close to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton!

  7. FPG Insole
    FPG Insole

    FPG INSOLEThe 3D FPG Insole features a cupped heel and ergonomic arch for maximum support for the whole foot.

  8. Flex Index 5
    Flex Index 5

    FLEX INDEX 5forgiving & comfortable flex for adults

  9. Forward Lean 7°
    Forward Lean 7°

    FORWARD LEAN 7°For rookies and easy riders.


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