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Technical ski socks with a blend of innovative fibres. The combination of merino wool and Therm-ic Warm Reflector technology fibres conserves your heat and redistributes it perfectly thanks to the Warm Reflector fibres. These fibres give you the best possible air circulation.

The perfect socks for your day of skiing.

Technical features :

Therm-ic Warm Reflector: a fibre that reflects and retains the warmth generated by your feet. The construction and design of these socks promotes good air circulation and wicks away moisture.

 Merino wool: high-quality, fine, warm, soft wool for efficient heat conservation.

 Moisture wicking: the sock’s technical construction wicks away sweat for fast drying.

Reinforcement: reinforcement on heels and toes.

Protection: scuff guards on shins, calves, calves and instep.

Micro-ventilated arch to wick away perspiration.

Anatomical shape: special construction for left and right feet for better foot support.

Knee height.

Composition :

Acrylic: 32%

Polyester: 25%

Polyamide: 21%

Merino wool: 10%

Polypropylene: 10%

Elastane: 2%


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