Therm-ic Powersocks Set-Heat Fusion Uni and S-pack 1400 BT

  • Therm-ic Powersocks Set-Heat Fusion Uni and S-pack 1400 BT
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The Powersocks Heat Fusion Uni ND are unisex heated ski socks. Technical, soft and breathable, they efficiently wick away moisture thanks to their specific micro-channel construction. These heated ski socks also provide maximum comfort in the sensitive areas of the foot, namely the shin, calf and instep.

These heated ski socks come with a pair of S-Pack 1400B batteries, designed to give you up to 16 hours of warmth during your days in winter sports. These batteries are equipped with Bluetooth technology, so you can control the heating of your socks from your smartphone.

Heat Fusion Uni Features:

Breathable socks with a tight fit

Quick and easy to attach the batteries with snaps.

Heel and toe reinforcements

Heat Fusion technology: For all-around diffusion and heating of the toes.

Technical, soft and breathable

S-Pack 1400B Technical Specifications:

Up to 16 hours of heat

USB charging cable included

USB mains charger not included

Compatible with all Therm-ic heated socks

Bluetooth compatible: Control the heating from your smartphone

Composition: 49% Acrylic 27% Polyamide 10% Merino wool 12% Polypropylene 2% Elastane


Segment: Ski

Category: Socks

Therm-ic Reference: T45-2202-400

Technology: Powered Heat

This set contains:

1 pair of Powersocks Heat Fusion Uni ND socks

2 S-Pack 1400B batteries


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