E-wax VOLA Solid 500g

  • E-wax VOLA Solid 500g
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E-wax VOLA Solid 500g

AIR= -10 C>10 C/14 F>50 F

The e-wax is the first product of the VOLA range which is more taking care of the environnement. Most of its components are animals and vegetables wax. The e-wax will perfectly work for each type of skiers and each workshop. It can be rub on or apply with an iron. The packaging and the ink used are 100% biodegradable.

Dry and clean your ski base / Apply the ski wax with the waxing iron / Let it dry at least 2 hours / Scrape the ski wax completely with a plastic scraper / Brush with a nylon brush and finish with an horsehair brush.

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