• Gloves LEVEL SUPER PIPE black
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Gloves LEVEL SUPER PIPE black:

BioMex Plus wrist guards on the inside to protect you from injury

Gore-Tex waterproof outer shell for durability and breathability

Polartec removable fleece lining for weightless weight

Serious anti-wear material, reinforced palms and fingers

Gauntlet-style cuffs to keep out the snow

You don't have to worry about falls, because your wrist is protected with the unique Biomex removable protection. The glove has a special vent that removes internal moisture and keeps your hands dry.

* Biomex Protection - a unique wrist protector, which is the result of long-term cooperation of snowboarders, doctors and designers in the field of biomechanics. The prestigious Swiss clinic Gut - a fracture treatment center - is also involved in the development. The result of this collaboration is an integrated wrist protector that significantly increases protection and reduces the risk of the most common snowboard injuries, ie. wrist fractures. Biomex Protection can spread the force of the impact in three different directions, effectively preventing fractures.


Made of waterproof fabric

Strengthening the palm - even longer life

Thermal insulation index ThermoPlus 3000, gloves are heated to - 17 ° C

Warm fleece lining

Membra-therm plus a membrane that creates a barrier against water penetration into the skin and keeps your hands warm and dry

Biomex protection - built-in wrist protector

Removable inner glove - possibility to adjust the gloves according to the actual temperature

Ventilation system

Long cuff


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