Ski poles LEKI WCR TBS SL 3D neon/red/blk/wht/yell

  • Ski poles LEKI WCR TBS SL 3D neon/red/blk/wht/yell
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LEKI Ski poles  WCR  TBS SL 3D neon/red/black/white/yellow:

The Leki Leki WCR TBS SL 3D is a strong pole for any adult racer, this high quality pole is used by athletes on the World Cup circuit. A fantastic Aluminium race pole for SL with its high strength and lightness, perfect for those wanting a professional pole. Now with Leki’s new 3D Trigger grip system. With its Airfoil technology offers outstanding aerodynamics, the pole glides through the air like a wing of an areoplane, making the pole feel lighter. A 16 mm high-strength aluminium shaft with Tube Balance System for optimum balance. Trigger 3D grips for the perfect holding position. The last hundred take home a Leki WCR TBS SL 3D.


Trigger 3D Grip.

Trigger S Strap.

16 mm AirFOIL Shaft.

Tube Balance System.

Ultra Sonic Finish.

Carbide Tip / Alpine Basket.

Sold as a pair.

TRIGGER 3D, The Evolution of Innovation: 

One of the biggest challenges for product developers is making something truly great even better. Thanks to Trigger 3D, the ski pole specialists from Kirchheim have managed to bring the sophisticated and patented Trigger System to a whole new level of performance.

Trigger 3D is the result of over 2,000 hours of prototype design, 10,000 plus test releases and endless cycles of athlete testing and feedback. That time and dedication has resulted in something truly remarkable.

The Trigger 3D impresses with three main areas of improvement:

• CONTROL -Intuitive connection between pole and glove

• COMFORT – Fast and easy Click-In, Click-Out

• SECURITY – Greatest release range thanks to intelligent 3D Trigger

From the top World Cup Racers to skiers just learning, confidence and control play an important role in skiing. Thanks to the new Trigger 3D, LEKI has achieved a quantum leap in this regard. The fit and feel are crucial for precisely controlled pole usage. 3D Trigger provides perfect pole handling with direct feedback to the skier. Hours of design process went into the ergonomic design of the grip. For the Trigger 3D, product developers focused on the outline and shape, paired with materials and textures for a streamlined look and feel that is focused on performance. The result? A newly designed grip head area, allowing for increased comfort when clicking in and out of the Trigger 3D System.

The Trigger 3D impresses and innovates with its three-dimensional release. An innovative multi-directional release mechanism expands the release range to allow for a greater range of functionality beyond the current Trigger S system. With all LEKI skiers in mind, we have designed the new Trigger 3D System to work with all LEKI Trigger S gloves. This means that the new Trigger 3D poles can be used with all Trigger S gloves and straps. With an eye toward sustainability, LEKI focused on creating the new Trigger 3D Grip without rendering old Trigger S obsolete.


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